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A Year of Think Big

Steve Savastano | Vice President, Data & Insights

Think Big turns one this month, and there are plenty of highlights from that time worth featuring as we look back on an eventful year. Our team grew, the company’s capabilities expanded, and we rose to many challenges nobody saw coming. On a personal note, I’m happy to say our database architecture and reporting suite sure took a few leaps forward since coming online last year.

With plenty to hang our hats on internally, I found myself asking how we could better determine the impact we made for our clients. So, we engineered live, automated, and interactive ad reporting dashboards for our clients this year. This powerful product provides unparalleled transparency on ad performance metrics and allows our team to always be in tune with optimizations for exceeding client goals.

We are also able to look at the aggregate data so we can reflect on all the wins we have delivered for clients over the past year and ensure we are always improving our service and offerings.

Taking all of this data into account, here’s a look at some paid media highlights from Think Big’s first year.

It’s clear that Think Big’s team worked on hundreds of campaigns and creative pieces that became the benchmarks for client strategy last year. With so many resources out in the world, is it possible to see how effective our work was?

These successes can be traced back to Think Big’s process spanning creative services, media placement, audience targeting, messaging, and optimization to deliver wins for our clients.

As 2023 continues and Think Big enters year two, we’ll be striving to use the wins of last year to our benefit and build upon them for our clients’ success.

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