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How Amazon Holds Small Businesses Hostage

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With more than 28,000 patient members, Dialysis Patient Citizens (DPC) is working to improve the quality of life for all dialysis patients through education and advocacy. DPC is a nationwide, non-profit, patient-led organization with membership open only to dialysis and pre-dialysis patients and their families. 





Type of Work

Explainer Video

Static Graphics

Custom Audience Targeting

Ad Placement

The Challenge

We often hear this from clients:

  1. We are facing an uphill legislative battle.

  2. We need an engaging message explaining a wonky policy issue.

  3. The opposition is well-funded.

  4. We need to go live ASAP.

This is exactly where we found ourselves with the National Association of Wholesalers-Distributors (NAW). They were working to pass the American

Innovation and Choice Online Act, educate policy decision makers on the issue, and were going up against Amazon in the process. 


The challenge was to create something that was both biting and funny. And we only had about a week to pull it off.


Keep scrolling to see how the strategy and creative for this campaign was developed.

full video
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Creative Direction

Once we settled on the concept direction and finished script writing, we only had about a week to bring it to life - that's including style exploration, design, voice over recording, and animation.

Despite this time constraint, we knew that 3D was the best way to personify a shipping box while conveying literal depth and scale, which was perfect for illustrating the figurative scale at which 

Amazon has been"swallowing" up main street businesses left and right.

This concept would have been impractical to convey through more traditional forms of 2D animation, and nearly impossible with live action given the timeline and budget. 3D also allowed us to achieve a quirky but clean style, which was vital for maintaining NAW's brand image.

Targeted Custom Audience

Reaching elected officials and key policy influencers was a critical component of this campaign. This is why we employed custom research in creating a comprehensive policy insider audience of 15,000 high value individuals.

We were then able to effectively reach these individuals across numerous digital channels no matter if they were in DC or back home.


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In order to keep the visual style consistent across the campaign, we used stills from the explainer video when designing the static ads.