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Advocacy Data Solutions

Data Management and Enhancement

  • The first step to understanding and leveraging your organization’s data is an in-depth aggregation, clean up, and enhancement process.

  • Take full advantage of your lead generation and recruitment efforts by verifying existing information and enriching your data with thousands of variables for analysis and activation.

  • Create a single repository for your organization’s data, consistent with your compliance standards, to serve as a real time resource for insights and analysis.

Reporting and Analysis

  • Adding a visual component to a massive warehouse of client data will make critical information easy to comprehend and shareable among stakeholders.

  • Ensure your enhanced data set is contributing to your organization’s growth and future advocacy efforts with custom interactive reports.

  • Track key engagement metrics and gain a better understanding of how your membership is connecting with advocacy campaigns and content.

Advocacy Database

  • Gain access to this wealth of information in a single location, housed securely, and managed by our team. 

  • Create custom advocate profiles that showcase key data points and actions taken by key audiences down to the individual level.

  • A foundational piece to your advocacy operations, ensuring data is shared between various campaigns and engagement platforms.

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