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Video is king. More than 90% of all content consumed on the web is video, and that figure doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon. Videos entertain, educate and inspire us; they also change perspectives and make us think. There is nothing that allows us to conceptualize causes, candidates, issues, and movements, better than video, which is why here at Think Big we are constantly investing in it.

What happens when your transplanted organ fails? Listen to Tracy Woodson’s moving testimonial in this heartfelt interview, and learn more about what you can do to help improve the lives of dialysis patients.

Get Walking! Our PSA for the National Down Syndrome Society features one of the largest BuddyWalks in the country, while telling the story of the families who make up walk participants and bring awareness to how the BuddyWalk brings the community together.

Standing with American Manufacturers. This ad was in support of the USMCA which helped maintain millions of jobs in the U.S and reminded American workers that their brothers and sisters could be at stake if this agreement failed.

Drug corporations insist they must dictate extremely high prices in order to fuel innovation. That is a lie. In this hybrid studio/motion graphics video, Patients for Affordable Drugs founder David Mitchell dispels the big pharma’s innovation myth.

This award-winning ad illustrates how effective it can be capturing candidates making policy promises on the campaign trail and then holding them accountable when they take office.

As soon as you hear that first “You Lied” line from a real mother’s voice of a Louisiana student calling out the governor, you know that this is a powerful ad. In fact, this ad was so powerful that the Louisiana governor reversed course on a bill that would have eliminated Louisiana charter schools.

Nothing quite gets the point across like a grown man being stripped of his clothing. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this ad and watch how we “artfully” illustrate the counter-narrative from our client.

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