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What’s my data actually worth?

Written by Steve Savastano | Senior Director, Data & Insights

This can be a difficult question to answer, and the best response may not be a monetary amount. Many of the most valuable brands in the world today, Apple and Meta are the two that come to mind, are actually just data companies, capitalizing on information generated by users of their devices and services. The digital advocacy world is dominated by a variety of outreach software platforms that allow organizations to engage their membership, deploy campaigns, and manage legislator contacts.

In addition to paving the way for legislative and organizational wins, these tools generate an extremely valuable asset, a wealth of user-generated data points. When an advocate signs a petition or contacts their member of Congress, it creates an actionable data point that can benefit your organization throughout future campaigns and outreach strategies.

With data-generating tools making up the backbone of digital advocacy campaigns, it’s important to consider what your organization is doing with the vast array of user information being collected.

How can this data help deploy future campaigns and generate new content?

What can be learned about the performance of past campaigns from the insights generated through user engagement?

How does data help identify the most loyal and engaged advocates to improve recruitment?

Is your organization extracting maximum value from your own first-party data?

Before tackling these big questions, we can help you look under the hood and assess the full potential of your data across your entire operation. A full-service data audit can take place behind the scenes without pausing any current campaigns and efforts. Combining the entirety of your data assets in a single location can unlock new insights and begin the process of creating a unified hub of intelligence for your organization.

At the conclusion of the audit process, our team will present you with concrete recommendations aimed at creating a data program supportive of your goals and centered around maximizing the value of the intelligence you’ve gathered throughout your existence. We’ll help you focus on better deploying data to improve future creative content, better communicate the success of your operations to key stakeholders, and more effectively engage your base of advocates.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you get the most out of your data, let us know!

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