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Think Big enters the public affairs and advocacy world as an experienced newcomer

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Formed from political media agency, Go BIG Media Inc., Think Big offers bi-partisan support to organizations looking to make changes on the Hill

(Arlington, VA) March 2, 2022Key player in the political media and marketing industry, Go BIG Media Inc. launches new, bipartisan public affairs marketing firm, Think Big.

“For years Lewis Muller has led our work on successful bi-partisan public affairs campaigns - from education to healthcare to defense issues - and it feels like the right time to create a public affairs only firm that enhances the balanced policies we want to see for the country,” says Go BIG Media Inc’s Founder and Chairman, Phillip Stutts.

Lewis Muller, who has been leading the public affairs practice at Go BIG Media Inc. for the past three years, will continue under Think Big as its Chief Executive Officer. “Thanks to our current clients and our passionate team, we are now accelerating the growth of our public affairs consultancy with the new Think Big brand.”

Think Big will bring a unique approach and expertise brought over from the successful Go BIG Media Inc. framework that applies data, storytelling, and marketing at the intersection of policy and politics. Launching with a dedicated team of 11 employees and services customized to address every legislative and reputational challenge, Think Big elevates its clients to achieve bottom-line results.

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